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This video game was created in 72 hours. It was made for the 4th GMC gamejam. With the limit of time, I decided to sacrifice graphics for gameplay. The theme for the jam was "Two Sides Of The Same Coin", which I incorporated through splitting the same game into two, opposite screens. The objective is the same on both sides: to survive. You controll two characters moving in opposite directions, with one keyboard. The characters move independently along the x axis, but they both jump by the same button. Seeing as one side has to climb, and the other fall, in order to survive, this forces you to rapdily switch focus from one side to the other, and it makes you realize how hard multi-tasking can be. The downfall to this is that the heart of the game is possible to master, which will make the player start feeling bored and loose the interest to keep playing, so This had to be balanced out with several elements.

The first element I introduce is moving platforms. Well, they already move, but platforms that move in scripted patterns in addition to moving up/down. This forces you to switch focus faster, as you can be pushed off a platform. Additionally, situatons surface where you have to time your jumps. This definitely helped the difficulty, but it was still too easy, so I added moving hazards. These come in the form of red projectiles, flying straight up/down, pretty slowly. Had I made them any faster or made them move in scripted patterns, the game would be too hard. They do just enough to spice up the game by mvoing in the opposite direction than the platforms, and by being red - alarming color.

UpDownDuckAround has been described as "brutally hard".