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Inverse Kinematics for Gamemaker

Download: YoYoGames marketplace
Download: GitHub
Download: Direct (GMS 2)
Download: Direct (GMS 1.4)
Documentation: Google Docs

Inverse Kinematics is the mathematical process of finding joint positions along an arm from a given end-effector. This is commonly used in robotics along with forward kinematics to coordinate arm movement, though its uses vary wildly. In video games, IK is commonly used for foot placement, snake-like creatures and ropes. This Extension may be somewhat primitive in comparison to how it's implemented in real-life robotics or AAA games, but it's fairly flexible, easy to use and well documented.

As of December 2017, there are 27 functions included in the extension, no 3d support, and it's the only IK extension for GameMaker availible on the YoYoGames market.